About Us

Webform IT Solutions, formerly Intellix Systems, is registered business under DTI(www.dti.gov.ph) that offers IT Services and Consultancy.

As our name implies, we believe in the power of web-based applications, cloud computing, offshore workforce, decentralized offices, agile development and deployment, fast delivery and therefore fast ROI. We do all these even if our workforce is separated geographically and of different nationalities.

We believe that Cloud Computing is the way of the future for the IT Industry. With the Mobile Platform (Apple IOS, Android) taking more of the limelights in every year, applications now are turning to web-based solutions rather than isolated, outdated, geographically limited desktop applications. With the advent of HTML 5, IPTV, Apps and Games on top of Social Networking(Facebook, Google Plus), the need to build web applications that support these technologies arises.

We are a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that offers services on Website Development and Web Applications Development, from Planning and Analysis, Project Management and Web Hosting to after sales Tech Support and Consultancy.


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